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Good App!

Great app, works very well. The connection to Philips hue is better than ever. One thing thatd be great is an integration of Apple Music.

Tried both free and premium versions ..

I have purchased the premium and free versions of this app and they both freeze up once I add my pulselocker into it. I have used all different types of music apps (Traktor DJ, Cross DJ, Pyro, Spotify and others) not one of them ever gave me the type of problems this app has. I cant even get a song to load to try to see how this app would work. I purchased the premium version hoping it would give me a nice way to stream music and I have yet to be able to even try it out as it freezes up every time I open it ( I have about a 7 second time span from opening the app until its completely frozen). I am using the current iOS software and this is the only music app I have these issues with.

Room for improvement!

I like this app and it has an awesome UI which is often hard to do with apps these days! However this app really needs Apple TV support! There is an API and for it being a party app it could really use this. Also lifx light integration would be nice :)


Love this app!!! Especially when you can save your playlist! Use it for when I go lifting, work, and chillin.

Hue Lights Party Time!

Yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Omg yes! This is THE app to have if you want to play rocking songs on your phone and give an awesome Hue light show. Wow, just wow!

whats the point?

I was going to sign up to pulselocker, and ure app just doesnt allow the facebook login. pointless if it cant even use my Apple Music library. -I know thats not ure fault, but pulselocker is.

A scam...

Its only a basic, mediocre player. If you want more features, you have to pay for them in-App purchases. If you want some basic features unlocked, you are forced to make publicity ("share") thruough Facebook od Twitter. I bought a in-App feature but cant use it because I dont want to "share" the app in Facbook or Twitter Dont waste your time or money. A scam...

Love it

I can listen to more songs in a short period of time


Once u updated the new version + add-in purchased The mix sucks ! Why none of the mix are smooth???

Fantastic app but....

This new version does not work any longer on my i-pod touch ! The app wont start and I cannot use it any more ......

Perfect with Philips Hue

The best app dj for Philips Hue I see. Please continue to maintain this good apps. Bravo!

cant open the app after updating

I like the app but need more improvement

It doesnt support iCloud

You need to download your tracks to all idevices to use the app. Design is ok, but not better than iOS7 native music app.

Great app

Great app, but needs more special features and gadgets.


Top. ;)


This app is nearly perfekt! Nice and smooth fades not everytime perfekt beatmatched but beautiful minimalistic Interface and nice functions


Update. Ooohhhh thats how you control the thing!! Swipe from the top of the screen down and you get controls!!! Now its working and I see more features!! Just the hue lamp colour cycling is not smooth but jumpy. Pity. Its a very pretty app, bu it only played one song and only displayed one colour in my hue lamps....was wondering if anyone had a better experience? // update // Did the in app purchase because I thought it *might* work, but it doesnt. Randomly plays a couple of songs. Otherwise it doesnt play them with an error, or displays that its playing, but no sounds comes. The hue lamp features also doesnt work. Just turns them on. No colour cycling. Diddly skwat. Will email support!


Best music player i ever had, never found a better one, but a searchfield for the songs want be perfect.

Please add iPad/mini support

I Love the app and got all the in Apps! Can you please add ipad Support? But please then also Keep the BIG Next Song and Pause Buttons they are too small in all the other ipad Music Players. Also a dark gray or Black Backgrounds style woud be cool! Thank you!

Under construction ??

Under construction - placeholders throughout the app - wie kann man sowas veröffentlichen??

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